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From IT to Broker, David Lynn’s Path to Murphy Business

David Lynn became a Murphy Business Franchise Owner in 2015 in Philadelphia, 25 years after he first considered the opportunity.

An early conversation with Murphy Business Franchise Owner Bernie Siegel piqued Lynn’s interest in joining the industry but life led him elsewhere. He spent 10+ years in the non-profit world and worked as a Database IT Consultant, but he always remembered their conversation. Looking to make a change and dive into business ownership, Lynn reached out to Siegel yet again. Hoping for some wisdom, he got more than he bargained for when Siegel asked if he wanted to join their team as a broker.

“I remember being in Bernie’s office with my wife. I was wearing my best suit and he asked if I wanted to become a broker for him. I think I stammered, “I would like that very much,” but what I really wanted to do was shout, “Woohoo!” and jump around his office,” Lynn said.

That was two years ago and his days since have been busy and rewarding. He meets with business owners to hear what makes them successful—everyone from executives fleeing the corporate world or couples looking to make a major change on the buyer side. Though he spends time with financial information, spreadsheets, and business plans, it really comes down to people and helping them achieve their goals that keeps him motivated.

Why Murphy Business? With 170+ offices nationwide, they are one of the largest business brokerage firms in the country. This gives their brokers access to a breadth and strength of experience not available to brokers in smaller firms. This differentiator rings true for Lynn. “When I am on an appointment, I know that I am representing the best. It’s a huge advantage over the competition. We are a network of skilled individuals from accounting, banking, financing, legal, marketing, and sales backgrounds. I know that I can find the answer to any question I may have,” Lynn said.

Just as Bernie Siegel helped him on the journey to becoming a broker, Lynn offers advice to people considering becoming a Murphy Business Franchise Owner. “This is a position for people who want to grow regularly and refine their business acumen. If you are dedicated to professional and personal growth, business brokerage is a profession in which you can thrive.”

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